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Reliance Worldwide Corporation (NZ) Ltd.

Reliance Worldwide Corporation (NZ) Ltd. evolved in New Zealand from the consolidation of Titon NZ Ltd. with Reliance Manufacturing Company from Australia. Born in 1909, Titon began life as an auto machine manufacturer, specialising in machined brass, before joining its expertise with Reliance, who specialise in water control valves.

RWC (Reliance Worldwide Corporation) has grown into a global market leader and manufacturer of water delivery, control and optimisation systems for the modern built environment and offers an expanded range of solutions in piping systems, backflow and water meters for the New Zealand market. Its unique end-to-end meter to fixture and floor to ceiling plumbing solutions target the new construction, renovation, service, repair and re-model markets.

RWC manufactures many breakthrough products such as SharkBite® brass push-to-connect (PTC) plumbing and heating systems, RMC Water Valves for high-performance water control, JG Speedfit® PTC fittings and pipe for plumbing and heating, and Titon Industrial Fittings for a diverse range of industries. Globally RWC has 15 manufacturing facilities, 24 distribution centres and 5 R&D locations across its Americas, Asia-Pacific and EMEA operating regions.

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